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We only use quality regulated replacement parts backed by experienced technicians

Mobi-Fix Consumer Services

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Regular servicing helps you to protect your vehicle against costly wear and tear and maintain a good resale value.

Most of the components of your car are built to last 100 000 km and more. However materials such as oil, filters, fluids and other various parts are designed to protect expensive items such as your engine and gearbox from damage. In order to ensure that your vehicle runs with optimum efficiency and minimal wear and tear, it is vital that you service your car regularly. Servicing by qualified technicians will help you to identify potential problems and repair them before they become expensive. We services your car according to manufacturer specifications and at affordable prices.

Our services includes:

  • Service and Inspection – All car service and repair recommended by the manufacturer, such as oil change service, major service or minor service. We work strictly according to the service intervals for oil, filter and spark plug change recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Diagnostics – Are any engine lights or warning lights showing in your car? Than come to us and we’ll check if it’s something serious.

  • Gearbox and clutch – Do you have to press your clutch further than you used to or do you struggle engaging gears? Than let us check the clutch of your car.Brakes – Not sure if your brake pads are still fine? Come to us and we’ll show you how to check the wear of your brake pads (or just let us do it for you free of charge!)

  • Suspension – If your car makes a “clunk” when you drive over a bump or when making a turn, it is time to get your suspension tested. Modern vehicles are equipped with intelligent rubber/metal bushes for optimum comfort and road holding. If these are worn, the road holding of your car will deteriorate. Make sure they are replaced by original parts! We will give you a quote on original car parts at competitive prices.

  • Shocks – if your car bounces excessively, or leans too far to either side when making a turn, then it is time to get your shocks tested. This can be done through multiple ways, with the most popular being a push test or a simple driving test. The push test can be done at home, whereby you push your car down to test if it jumps to high or sinks too low. Come to us and we will show, you, how to test your shocks.

  • Engine – Is your engine losing oil or water? If this is so, then bring your car into our car service center and let us handle the rest

Mobi-Fix Industrial Services

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Mobi-Fix Equipment (PTY) LTD has established itself within the Gauteng  and surrounding area as a mobile field provider, supplying Earth-moving Mobile Maintenance, Repairing, Machine Servicing, Track Inspection, Bucket Inspection, and Machine Inspection, Rebuilding machinery all this with the best quality and service in Africa. A high commitment to our business ensures that equipment under our care is maintained to high standards which results in our client’s machines performing to standards which allow maximum project efficiency and machine availability Quality work results in low downtime and minimal repair costs. The high machine availability results in maximum return on capital for clients. We have a professional, qualified Maintenance Teams that is at your service at any time. You can trust us with your machines!

Keep your equipment working:

Mobi-Fix works to grow by developing and introducing unrivaled products, service and absolute care. Improving customers’ goals together with them and providing innovation designed to create new values to their business. You don’t bring your machine for a service, Mobi-Fix Authorized Technicians will come to your machine, wherever it is and service/repair it giving you the satisfaction of knowing that the technicians who work on it have met our exacting standards of competence and efficiency. They keep abreast of product developments. They’ll accurately assess your service needs. And they’ll only use approved quality parts. We are constantly striving to improve our service to you, the customer. With Mobi-Fix Genuine Parts you benefit from many years of experience in parts supply. These parts are impressive due to their proverbial quality, tested safety and high reliability. Furthermore the extreme longevity and good price/performance ratio of our Genuine Parts is particularly cost- effective. The parts we supply meet our highest quality standards and are state of the art, something backed up by the guarantee that comes with our parts.

It would only be a pleasure to offer all our years of experience to provide a service that will be satisfactory to you. We look forward to meeting you and doing business in the future and would appreciate feedback on our quality of work so that we may improve where it may be needed. We would also like feedback to give to our next client so that they may see what kind of service they are going to be receiving from us, because we strive to give our best, at all times!

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